The law firm of Lindley, Wiley & Duskie, P.C., is a full service firm that handles a wide variety of legal matters. The attorneys practice primarily in the areas of Probate and Estate Planning, Family Law, Business Law, Personal Injury Law, Real Estate, Criminal Law and Civil Trial Law. The firm can represent clients in all of the state appellate, district, county, and justice courts of Texas, as well as the federal district courts of Texas. Should your case warrant, our Senior partner has the distinct privilege of being licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court as well.

The distinguishing qualities that this firm provides are professional, personalized legal services by an Attorney and staff with experience. Our clients can feel confident in knowing who their attorney is and the staff working on their case.

Feel free to telephone or email our office regarding you legal questions. Experience and reputable services are provided by the three attorneys, assisted by a highly qualified support staff to meet all your legal needs. We will be happy to discuss your questions and make every effort to assist you.